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From 2009 to 2015 Antonio Savio was President of the Foundation Edilscuola of Verona. From 2015 to 2018 Antonio Savio is President of E.S.E.V. Body Building School of Verona.
THE ESEV - VERONA SCHOOL BUILDING INDUSTRY CONSTRUCTION ENTITY AND SIMILAR TO THE PROVINCE OF VERONA is an entity managed in joint form by the Board of Builders and the Unions of Construction Workers (FENEAL-UIL, FILCA-CISL; FILLEA-CGIL) of the Province of Verona in accordance with art. 93 of C.C.N.L. Housing. It was established on 06/12/1996 on the basis of a union agreement signed on 05/12/1996. THE ESEV has for statutory purpose (v. Article 3 of the Statute) only "promotion, organization, implementation in their area of: first training initiatives for young people entering the industry, continuing training, qualification, specialization and refresher courses for workers, administrative employees, technicians and managers as required by the labor market. " From July 2015 to 2018 Antonio Savio is President of C.P.T. Territorial Joint Committee for Prevention and Accident, Health and Working Environment of Verona. The CPT Verona, Territorial Joint Committee for the Prevention of Accidents, hygiene and the working environment in buildings, active since 1989, is a joint body, consisting of Reeds - College of Builders and Trade Union Organizations of construction workers (Feneal - UIL, Filca - CISL, Fillea - CGIL), in implementing the provisions of the Collective Labor Agreement for the Construction. The purposes of the Committee are the study and resolution of problems related to the prevention of accidents and occupational diseases and the promotion of initiatives aimed at promoting a new culture of safety. From 2015 to 2018 Antonio Savio is also CEO of zone 4 of ANCE Verona.

On Sunday 11th January, Mario Savio was awarded the 2014 “Award for loyalty to work, economic progress and Veronese work in the world” by the Verona Chamber of Commerce.
The event was held at the Palazzo della Gran Guardia in Verona in front of the highest local authorities (view certificate).


On 2nd June, Republic Day, Maurizio Savio was awarded the honour of being named Knight of the Republic: present at the awarding were the prefect of Verona, Perla Stancari and all the local authorities (watch the video)

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